World Drinks Less Wine, But Price Goes Up

The world isn’t drinking as much wine as it has, the International Organization of Vine & Wine said yesterday.

Consumption worldwide fell in 2013 to 238.7 mhl, a drop of 1% from the year-earlier level, Jean-Marie Aurand, director general, said.

But the U.S. became the biggest internal market in terms of volume.

The wine recovery has yet to take place, he said. In traditional producing countries, a consumption fell 2.1 mhl in France (with 28.1 mhl of wines consumed), 0.8 mhl in Italy (21.7 mhl) and 0.2 mhl in Spain (9.1 mhl).

As for China, the rapid growth in consumption in recent years appears to have come to a sudden end. Consumption last year was 16.8 mhl — a decline of 3.8% between 2012 (17.5 mhl) and 2013 –

In this respect, the U.S. stood out with 29.1 mhl of wines consumed (excluding vermouth and special wines), becoming the biggest internal market in the world in 2013 in terms of volume.

The main South American countries (Argentina, Chile and Brazil), South Africa and Romania recorded a rise in their wine consumption compared with 2012.

Global Trends in the Wine Market

The reduced production in 2012 was partly responsible for the -2.2% decline in the volumes exported in 2013. Notwithstanding, the value of the world trade increased by 1.5% in 2013, attaining 25.7 billions of Euros.

In terms of value, bottled wines and sparkling wines made up the vast majority of the world wine market: 71% were still wines (18.3 billions of Euros) and 17% sparkling wines (4.3 billions of Euros).

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