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Foley Family Wines hired Gerard Thoukis as senior vp-marketing and commercial capability.  He joins from E&J Gallo Winery.

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‘Mizu to Ikiru’ – ‘Living with Water’: Suntory’s Commitment to Society

When Beam Suntory launched its Natural Water Sanctuary project at Maker’s Mark Distillery just one year after Suntory acquired Beam, it was inspired by the parent corporation’s vision of “Mizu to Ikiru.”  Read about Suntory’s commitment to society here, from Sustainable Brands.

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People in Four States May Be Drinking Contaminated Raw Milk

For the second time in three months, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning people who might have consumed contaminated raw milk and milk products to visit their doctor. People who bought and drank raw milk from a company called Udder Milk may have been infected with a rare but potentially serious germ called Brucella abortus RB51. While Brucella can cause anyone to become sick, women may suffer miscarriage and other pregnancy complications making it critical for pregnant women who may have consumed the raw milk from Udder Milk to seek medical care immediately.

In late September, a New Jersey woman became ill after drinking raw milk from the company. CDC confirmed her illness was Brucella RB51 in late October.

In a public be damned move, Udder Milk hasn’t provided information about the farms that supply their milk, making it impossible to trace the source of the woman’s infection.

Until more information is available about which farms may be supplying contaminated milk or until officials can test milk from the farms, CDC said it recommends that anyone who drank raw milk or consumed raw milk products from Udder Milk in the past six months visit their doctor for antibiotics to prevent illness. Information suggests that the company delivers milk in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island.

All people who consumed raw milk and raw milk products from Udder Milk should seek medical care and start antibiotics to prevent future chronic disease from RB51, CDC said. The Brucella RB51 strain is resistant to some antibiotics that would normally be used to prevent or treat brucellosis. Therefore, people who consumed raw milk from Udder Milk should tell their doctor that they may have been exposed to this particular Brucella strain. Doctors can learn more about testing patients for RB51 and which antibiotics to prevent or cure infection at https://www.cdc.gov/brucellosis/clinicians/rb51-raw-milk.html.

Kane’s Komment:  FDA can’t say it, but we can:  Don’t buy Udder Milk.  Period.  A company that refuses to help public health authorities track down the source of contamination is a company that doesn’t deserve the trust of the American people.

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Facing Big Deficit, Wyoming Solons Mull Major Bev/Al Hike

Wyoming legislators are considering quadrupling the sales tax on malt beverages to 4-3/4 cents per liter from one-half cents per 100 milliliters, raising the sales tax on wine and spirits an additional Continue reading

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Montana Lawmakers to End Lottery, Sell Liquor Licenses

If you want a liquor license in Montana, get read to pay up.  The state’s lawmakers are considering a proposal to sell new licenses to the high bidder.  Currently, they are issued by lottery.  Continue reading

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Iowa’s Cedar Ridge Distillery to Expand, Double Production

The Swisher, Iowa, distillery will spend $2 million over the next 18 to 36 months to expand its stillhouse, add equipment and construct a warehouse to store whiskey. Continue reading

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