Dogfish Head Links with Band for 6.5% ABV Pale Ale

The Flaming Lips! is the latest in Dogfish’s musically inspired series of brews with artists like Miles Davis, Deltron 3030, The Grateful Dead, Pearl Jam and Guided by Voices.  “Our brewery has been obsessed with music since the day we opened,” says Sam Calagione, CEO/founder, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. “And Continue reading

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Drinkers in Europe Are Getting a Thirst for American Liquors. But Will Trade Keep Flowing?

Drinkers outside the U.S., who are fast developing a taste for uniquely American liquors. The U.S. exported $1.4 billion worth of distilled spirits in 2016, a 6.7% increase on 2015, and this year is Continue reading

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The 19th-Century Swill Milk Scandal That Poisoned Infants with Whiskey Runoff

Nearly 8,000 babies a year shriveled to death from uncontrollable diarrhea, as reported by The New York Times. Without the luxury of advanced medical diagnostics, doctors struggled to identify the culprit. The public floated theories—nutritional and digestive Continue reading

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F.Y.I. —

Nodding Makes Us More Likable, Approachable

The act of nodding positively affects the subjective likability of people by about 30% and their approachability by 40%, according to a study conducted by researchers from Hokkaido University and Yamagata University in Japan.

In many countries, nodding is a communicative signal that means approval, and head shaking is a gesture of denial. Hokkaido University Associate Prof. Jun-ichiro Kawahara and Yamagata University Associate Prof. Takayuki Osugi previously demonstrated that the bowing motion of computer-generated, three-dimensional figures enhanced their perceived attractiveness. In their latest research, the team conducted experiments to rate how simple nodding and head shaking affects perceived trait impressions.

Short video clips of computer-generated figures nodding, shaking their head or staying motionless were shown to 49 Japanese men and women aged 18 years or older, who then rated the figures’ attractiveness, likability and approachability on a scale of 0 to 100.

The researchers found the likability and the approachability of the nodding figures was about 30% higher and 40% higher respectively than that of figures shaking their heads or staying motionless. The results were similar for both the male and female observers. The head shaking motion did not influence the ratings for likability and approachability. “Our study also demonstrated that nodding primarily increased likability attributable to personality traits, rather than to physical appearance,” Kawahara explained.

The study provides a useful empirical contribution to this field as it is the first to show that merely observing another’s subtle head motions produced perceived positive attitudes. Their findings will likely be helpful in providing instructions about manners and hospitality as well as the evaluation of web-based avatars and humanoid robots. Kawahara emphasizes, however, “Generalizing these results requires a degree of caution because computer-generated female faces were used to manipulate head motions in our experiments. Further study involving male figures, real faces and observers from different cultural backgrounds, is needed to apply these findings to real-world situations.

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Diageo Pulls Ads from YouTube Over Child Porn

This is what happens when you hand your advertising over to algorithms:  You add appears next to videos of scantily dressed children.  Diageo is one of a number of major brands – including Continue reading

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Zamora Takes Stake in Houston’s Yellow Rose Distilling

The move enables Zamora Co., a Spanish global wine and spirits company based in Madrid, to incorporate Yellow Rose into Zamora’s global portfolio, which includes Licor 43, Spain’s No. 1 Continue reading

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