In Today’s Issue

• Korbel Sales Up 6% Even as French Wine Shipments Fall 5%
• Senate Passes Trade Deal with Russia; DISCUS Says It Will Boost Exports
• TTB Moves to Reduce Bond Requirement for Small Brewers
• Upland Brewery to Launch 100-Year-Old Brand
• Trefethen Winery Wins Approval in Napa
• Drinks Americas to Launch Line of Mexican-Brewed Craft Beers
• Sutter Home to Aid Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort
• Samuel Adams to Mark National Lager Day
• Absolut Adds Sid Lee to Ad Agency List
• U.S. Small Business Owners’ Hiring Intentions Plunge
• Wine in the Old Testament
• Alcohol Policy Essay Contest Deadline Next Friday
• Nonalcohol Beverage News
o CSPI: ‘We Don’t Think 5 Hour Energy Drink is Safe’
• F.Y.I. —
o ‘Pacemaker’ Implanted in Brain of Alzheimer’s Patient
o Soot Linked to Melting of Greenland’s Ice Sheet

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