In Today’s Issue . . .

In Today’s Issue:

  • Deutsch ‘Obsessed’ with California, Seeks Partner Deals with Producers
  • Winery Exchange Acquires Two More Brands
  • Diageo Americas to Launch Ketel One Crafts Promotion in Pennsylvania
  • Serralles USA Nears Launch of Clooney’s Casamigos Tequila
  • The Day Crowds Cheered Politicians Convicted of Stealing Jack Daniel’s — From Its St. Louis Distillery

Deutsch ‘Obsessed’ with California, Seeks Partner Deals with Producers

Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits, best known for its success as the importer of [yellow tail] and Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau has an “obsession with California,” and is looking to partner with producers there, Tom Steffanci, president, told Kane’s Beverage News Daily.

That doesn’t mean Deutsch plans to abandon its [yellow tail] franchise, which is still the largest portion of the 31-year-old company’s business, Steffanci said.  “We think [yellow tail] can meet consumer needs across an even wider variety of areas,” he said, and in fact plans three line extensions in the next six months.

“Any good consumer goods company recognizes humbly they don’t lead, they follow, and we follow consumers.” he said.  “Consumer interest in alcohol beverages is diversifying, and if we’re going to meet consumer needs, which is our objective, we have to move with consumers.  We’re trying to meet consumer needs, and they have needs for a wider variety.”

Deutsche hasn’t any interest in being a one-big-product company.  It’s focused on California because that’s “where we think consumers are going to be.”  Steffanci said he expects  California to . . .

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