In Today’s Issue

  • Congress Passes Fiscal Cliff Bill; No Aid for Hurricane Sandy Victims?
  • Uncertainty Over Fiscal Cliff Curbed Restaurateurs’ Optimism
  • CEDC Cedes Control to Roustam Tariko
  • Simonian Farms Launches New Wine Brand
  • Lawsuit Against A-B Ranked as One of 10 Most Ridiculous of 2012
  • How Microbes May Create Variations in Wine Grapes from Same Vineyard
  • Credit Suisse Trims Earnings Estimate for Diageo, JPMorgan Upgrades
  • Investor Sues Wine Storage Firm for Access to $300,000 Wine Collection
  • Who & What —
  • F.Y.I. —
    • New Lighting Technology Can Replace Fluorescents, LEDs
    • 5 Ways to Feel Better, Smarter and Stronger in 2013

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