Highland Park Intros Magnus, a Tribute to Its Founder

It’s being launched exclusively in the U.S., says Jason Craig, brand director, who adds Highland Park’s founder, Magnus Eunson, was a butcher and church officer by day and bootlegger by night.

“Magnus Eunson set up his illicit still at a small cottage at High Park, overlooking Kirkwall and it remains the site of our home today. We say that our distillery was founded in 1798 – but in truth, that’s just the year that the authorities finally caught up with Magnus – he was certainly making whisky before that!”

The label design in striking gun metal foil on the bottle represents M for MAGNUS. It has been created in the decorative Viking art style called Urnes, which complements the recently redesigned 12 and 18 Year Old packaging, just released in North America. The design harks back to Viking storytelling and features the legend of a lion locked in battle with the forces of evil in the form of serpent-like dragons.

The top of the bottle also features the heads of two serpent-like dragons as well as the brand’s signature ‘The Orkney Single Malt with Viking Soul.’  Established 1798 is also featured which references the date when Highland Park single malt Scotch whisky was established.

MAGNUS is available from specialty spirits retailers and bars exclusively in the US and Canada beginning September 2017 (SRP: $39.99/750ml).

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