Get the Recognition Your CSR Efforts Deserve

Your entire organization works hard to do right by your community.  Whether it’s a campaign to prevent drunk or underage driving, employee involvement in a community project such as cleaning up rivers or building house for Habitat for Humanity, adoption of solar or other alternative energy sources, reducing waste through recycling or reengineering, or converting your fleet to natural gas, your work deserves to be recognized.

And now you can — from your peers and from the public.

Enter Kane’s Beverage News Daily’s Bev/Al CSR Awards Competition.  Outstanding entries will receive appropriate recognition in Beverage News Daily, in an e-book to be offered through major retailers, including, Barnes & and iBooks, and at a conference we’re planning at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

Deadline: Postmarked by January 31, 2014

  1. Eligibility:  The campaign or initiative must have taken place, in whole or in part,  during calendar 2013.  Awards are open to all individuals and teams involved with the alcohol beverage industry at any level.
  2. Entries may be submitted online or via snail mail.
  3. Awards will be announced in early Spring.
  4. Categories:

  Alcohol Responsibility – This category encompasses those program you run — either alone or in conjunction with partners such as retailers, educators, parents, law enforcement officials, professional sports teams and other to create impactful responsible drinking programs.  Examples would include promoting designated driver programs, reducing underage or drunk driving, promoting a family environment that is supportive of alcohol responsibility, programs to promote responsible fan behavior at sporting events, and programs focused on the retailer, such as supporting the Federal Trade Commission’s “We I.D.” initiative.

♦  Environmental Sustainability — What have you done to reduce/ameliorate environmental impacts at your facilities?  Have you reduced water use?  Used renewable fuels (biogas, landfill gas, solar, wind) in your operation?  Increased recycling?  Reduced material used in your manufacturing and packaging?

♦  Community — What have you done to make your community a better place in which to live, work and raise a family?  This category includes:

  • philanthropy such as support of higher education and scholarships,
  • support of nonprofit health and human services agencies
  • providing emergency assistance in times of natural disaster
  • employee volunteer programs, such as working with Habitat for Humanity, cleaning up rivers, and other actions.

 ♦ Annual CSR Report— This category recognizes outstanding CSR-and-sustainability reports for shareholders and other key constituents. Include 3 copies of your Corporate Social Responsibility Report along with your entry form. (Synopsis is not needed for this category.)

How to Enter

  • Deadline:  January 31, 2014 (postmarked by)
  • To enter online, click here
  • To enter by US Mail/FedEx/UPS, click here
  • Miss the Deadline?  Add $50 late fee

Not a subscriber?  To qualify for the subscriber rate, you may subscribe by fax here.

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