Editorial: The First Terrorist Victory in the U.S. — And All It Took Was a Threat

At least two major network newscasts led last night with the breakthrough in diplomatic relations with Cuba.

We think they missed the most significant story: Sony Pictures decided not to release “The Interview” in theaters because of a threat of violence.

Pure and simple, this was a terrorist attack. And while Sony Pictures’ decision is a matter of prudential judgment, the bottom line is terrorists won. They prevented the film, a spoof, from being shown.

Whenever there’s some event like the SuperBowl, all sorts of government agencies rush to proclaim all their tough security measures. But when someone makes a direct threat, as happened with “The Interview,” they don’t lift a finger.

There’s no other way to say it: The terrorists won. And because they won this one, you can expect them to try it again — and, sadly, probably to win again.

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