Dave Phinney’s Department 66 Taps Vintage Point Partners

Vintage Point Partners in Wine, a winery sales and marketing company, added Department 66 from renowned winemaker Dave Phinney to its portfolio.

“Over the past two years at Vintage Point, we’ve assembled an iconic group of vintners and winemakers in our portfolio of clients and Dave Phinney fits seamlessly into that group. It goes without saying that Dave is one of the most innovative winemakers in the industry today.” said Vintage Point President David Biggar. “His Department 66 wines exemplify his passion for making high quality wines with a unique story. We’re honored to be working with Dave and his team,” Biggar continued.

“This important partnership with Vintage Point comes at a time when we’re looking to expand our holdings in Maury, grow Department 66 and build new brands. With David and the Vintage Point team we can now augment our wholesale network as we build more momentum in the marketplace,” said Dave Phinney, Department 66 winemaker.

Department 66 is a collection of Grenache based wines from the small southwestern French town of Maury in the Languedoc – Roussillon region. Department 66 is the only brand where winemaker Dave Phinney owns the vineyards as well as the winery.

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