Bud Light Reintroduces Itself with 2 New TV Spots

Focus of the spots is the beer’s quality, officials at Anheuser-Busch said.  “There’s nowhere to hide imperfection when you’re brewing a light lager,” said Andy Goeler, vp- marketing, Bud Light. “Beer drinkers trust that every time they reach for a Bud Light, they’re going to get the crisp, refreshing taste they know and love. That process starts with four essential ingredients – barley, rice, water and hops. That’s been true for over 35 years.”

To display Bud Light’s commitment to quality, the brand is launching two new TV spots this summer, titled “Bottle” and “Complex.” These spots, and other creative content, focus on the quality and simplicity Bud Light delivers with its four essential ingredients. The new creative takes consumers to the heart of the brewing process, showing how Bud Light takes the time to make sure every beer goes down smooth and crisp, so it can be shared and enjoyed among friends.

Tagline in both spots: “Here’s to the beer you can always count on.  Brewed to be America’s light lager.”

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