Expert Interviews

Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits has been posting 20%-a-year growth on its non-[yellow tail] business for the last three years.  Find out why the company is “obsessed” with California, how it decides media strategy and more as Joel Whitaker interviews President Tom Steffanaci here.

Independent Distillers USA, a unit of a large New Zealand and Australian bev/al producer, launched in the U.S. less than two years ago, and now is in 40 states.  Joel Whitaker interviews Bruce Herman about the company’s growth thus far and its two new products, Hot Lips and Killer Bee flavored Bourbons here.

Korbel Champagne Cellars sales are up 13% YTD as of October 22, 2012.  Joel Whitaker interviews Gary Heck, owner, and learns the secrets of Korbel’s success and the story of Gary’s apprenticeship at the 130-year-old winery, where he’s done every job from auto mechanic to owner.

Charles Krug Winery celebrates groundbreaking for its new hospitality center.  Joel Whitaker interviews Peter Mondavi Jr. about the winery and its plans for the future here.

How to Get Distribution Without Really Trying.  Debbie Gioquindo, founder of Happy Bitch Wine, is the first to admit she got really lucky in launching Happy Bitch Wine.  She didn’t face the usual struggle to get distribution.  Joel Whitaker interviews Debbie here.

Martin Miller on Creating a New Gin.  He’s currently selling 100,000 cases and is now entering the U.S.  He hopes to reach 200,000 cases in two to three years.  He tells his story here:  Martin Miller.

Marketing Through Great Recession Brings Growth.  Joel Whitaker interviews John McDonnell, chief operating officer of Patron Spirits International and new chairman of DISCUS.  McDonnell reviews DISCUS concerns, reflects on growth of Patron.  To hear the call, click here.

Building a Distributorship That Lasts 100 Years.  How Del Papa Distributing, the Anheuser-Busch distributor in Galveston, Texas, did it.   To hear the call, click here.

Bill Samuels Jr.: The Making of Maker’s Mark.  Listen

How Click Distributing Recovered from a Fire.  Listen

Dean Phillips: An Independent Distiller’s Innovative Spirit.   Listen

Jim Koch: The Boston Beer Story.   Listen

Roy Cecchetti: Cecchetti Vineyards. Listen

ChristinaMariani-May:  The Banfi Story – From the Vatican to U.S. Market Leader.  Listen

Preventing Cargo Theft: Important Information for Suppliers, Wholesalers.   Listen

The Prohibition Hangover: How Prohibition’s Impact Is With Us Still.  Listen as Joel Whitaker interviews the author, Garrett Peck.